“Just a small-town giiiiiiiiiirl.” Bet in your head, you sang the second line at least.

Hi, I’m Cassie.

I like Mexican food, discussing life’s big questions with teenage students, writing morning pages, and losing things in my purse.  I’m kind of a mess, but in a good way.  I can’t stand awkward small talk because I can’t really do it that well; I think I come off much more myself on the page.

I’ve debated doing a podcast, a vlog, just keepin’ all this in a diary, but I miss blogging and so here we are.

As far as livelihood, I am currently and MFA student in Creative Nonfiction at UNCW and previous to that, I have been a high school educator (last six years), a high-tea connoisseur, a legal typist, a smoothie maker, and book seller.

I honestly hope this blog becomes a tiny space of creativity and homeliness for a bunch of gals out there.  Looking forward to building this small community. <3

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Here are my favorite people:


Our dog, Tucker Finnegan.

My Husband, BJ

Our cattiest cat, Jasper

Fromage (Fro), Queen B

Videos I found beautiful on the interwebs this month

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