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My name is Cassandra  (named because it sounds good in a board room, but really my parents were visited by the Greek woman, prophecy-giver, concubine, Apollo’s muse, princess):
(Currently) I like being liked. I have scribbles all over receipts in my purse. I carry far too many pens, but always want a very specific one.  I have two cats; one named after Twilight and the other named after French cheese.  I have a dog named Tucker Finnegan Murray. I’m getting married in April to a man who reads fantasy fiction (he might do some spotlight reviews, but I’ve only ever seen him write really corny poetry).  I own more watches than shoes.  More notebooks than da Vinci. There are not enough worries in the world that I haven’t already worried.
(July 2016) The blog just informed me that this “About Me,” not so short bio page, has been around for five years – almost six, I think.  It blows my mind that I’ve been tracking my reading and my growing up through this thing for that long. It’s true, I still wish I were a mermaid.  I still paint my nails wacky colors.  I still believe in singing in the shower, reading to live, and smelling before tasting really superb coffee, even though at night I’ve begun drinking tea.  Right now, my life is pretty stressful.  I have discovered that one cannot just become a mermaid, and one cannot just quit when life is hard.  This is a trial and error and as my dear friend Claire said, “life is a series of attachments and letting go,” and so here we are. Shorter hair, still curly, grown-up girl, still believes in fairytales, working adult, still believes in adventure through exploration.
(February 2015) I have glitter nails right now, no bottom coat.  It’s just straight confetti around her.  I’m still obsessed with words and forming them into fists, or warm slow-dancing, or the beat of a favorite song in my head.  This girl, she takes too many selfies, she’s too into the sunshine, and she drinks too much iced coffee (homemade).  She has a selfie outtakes blog on Tumblr with her boyfriend and markets her curly hair like it’s a sales item. It’s the twists and salty waves in it that remind her of summer, and sand, and the wind on water.  This is almost mermaid season, this is almost prime.
(October 2014) (thanks Whispering Gums for the heads up) I’ve taken to writing in a journal.  It’s pretty girly for me, it even has a pearl button, but damn am I angst-driven.  I read Sylvia Plath’s journals and I’m like, Wow, I’m a valley girl representing the South in my journals and she’s over here spouting metaphors.  Alas, there’s always someone who does it better.  It’s time for an update because I’m a real teacher, and when I tell lies, my nose doesn’t grow! I earned my official longterm teaching license a month ago, HUZZUH.  Now, the question is (should I blog about it) should I go back to graduate school in Education? I tend to still wear skulls on my shirt though (read previous bios).  AND CAN YOU BELIEVE I’M GOING TO REACH MY 500TH BLOG IN JUST TEN MORE BLOGS.  (mini-panic attack).  I need to step up my reading game for the holidays guys, I’ve been post-turkey reading all year.  I really need a blog where I can record the half-books that I’ve read. It could be called “All The Books I Almost Finished [and bowel movements]” Tell me your thoughts in the comments, or become a follower, I run a really fun cult here. XO.
(May 2014) This girl has been blogging for almost four years and it’s definitely time for the six-month periodic update.  It’s kind of like visiting the doctor except without all that blood letting and deep breathing.  I was sitting online and waiting patiently for the Challenge Rivals 2 newest episode to be uploaded on mtv.com.  I just can’t help myself, I watch far too much reality television with people stuck in houses with other people that they don’t quite like.  Lately, I’ve been into corny classroom stickers, making tissue paper hanging pom-poms and reading adult fairytales.  Just last week I made my first full unit plan for Shakespeare’s Othello and ran over three miles with the boy.  It’s summer, I’m boring and most of my days may or may not be filled with marathons of Law & Order.  If you’ve ever heard the “Dun, Dun” in the beginning of an episode than you know it’s the exact sound of your heartbeat which makes you feel immediately comfortable and ready to settle in to a horrid violent crime.  Anything else you would like to know, you can forward inquiries to the skull on my t-shirt.  He’s also online dating and d(r)eadfuldates.com  where he catfishes women by pretending he’s a zombie ex-boyfriend.
(January, 2013) It’s time for an update.  I’m actually a professional at something, finally.  A professional tap-dancing-in-front-of-a-classroom-of-hormone-driven-9th-graders. : ) YES, that’s what I’d like to call it.  I think I learned more grammar in the last four months than I ever learned doing anything else.  I also correctly learned how to write a five paragraph essay and perform well on a research project.  Too bad you can’t repeat college.  Well, what’s to say, what’s to say.  I’ve been analyzing the two connotations of “woo her with my sword” for Midsummer Night’s Dream lately.  I am in the process of writing Christmas cards which are scattered along my bed with the kiss stickers and penguin stickers that I will decorate them with in all their tacky glory.  I have curly hair, did I mention that yet, and cats.  Those are the two most important things about me: curly hair, and cats, two of them.  One is named after cheese (fromage) and one is named after Twilight (Jasper)(which I don’t regret).  DOUBLE PARENTHESIS! That’s like 20 points (almost as much as hitting a normal person steering a grocery cart with your car).  I jest.
This is me: curly, cats, sweatpants that look like jeans.
You can find my “While I’m Reading” experience at my tumblr: booksandbowelmovements.tumblr.com.  This includes quotes from the books I’m currently reading, weird inspiration book blabber, & bookishness in it’s entirety.  There may also be some potty talk.
(June, 2012): It’s time for those butterfly moments when I re-release myself to you with a new face, and a new attitude.  You’re looking at a girl with her very first full-time job.  And guess what, it’s working with teenagers and words – bah ha (not that I don’t already do that now at the teen center).  I am moving two hours away from everything I know to a town of wheat fields and roadside watermelon stands.  Obviously, Jasper the Cat is coming with me to be cuddled and coddled against his will.  There will be gardens, vegetables, and experiences in cooking that I’ve never actually had.  I just last month realized that garlic comes in a glove with teardrops of the actual food you use.  It seems I have some living to do.
I thought with all of this newness coming at me so quick – it was time for an update about me.  Now onto the normal likes and dislikes of this transformed girl.  I like freckles and how they appear like seeds freshly planted in the summertime across my nose.  I like pizza baked on the grill and the few times we failed at it before we got it right.  I love hiking, but I never actually go – in fact, I don’t even own boots, but I do own these rad Chaco’s.  I detest snobbery over strawberries (it’s a long story).  I like people to guess what stereotypes I come under by the clothes I’m wearing and then watch their faces while I break most of them over bread and cheese.  (mmmm cheese).  Brave is the first movie starring a princess that looks like me (although Little Mermaid is a close second, if her hair was just more springy).  I prefer cereal that crunches.
I dislike feeling the peas in the bottom of my mattress.
Enjoy the other “me’s” below.  Have some chocolate while you nibble.
The end.
January 1, 2012: It’s a new year and with all new year’s people feel the need to be new people, and yet here I am, the same curly-haired girl making silly mistakes, and reading, that I’ve been for my entire life.  We’ll, curly since age thirteen when I hit puberty and my mother’s genes kicked in.  It’s been a year of consistency for me; same job, same home, same bed every single night which is a bit odd.  I feel like I just came home from Australia yesterday.  Anyway, I’ve been eating a lot of cheese (& mexican food), taking endless photos of my cat in various laying positions since he is lazy and egotistical (typical male) and I’ve been working with teens and continuing my goal of being in college forever.  (Literally, I graduated and yet here I am taking classes for fun).  I feel like I’m filling out an eighth grade “getting-to-know-you” sheet so in an effort to be different, I’m going to tell you a few strange things.  I crack my knuckles to the point I wear overly large man rings on my fingers.  I like assorted shaped lamps with weird shades, I prefer books and bed clothes to people or real pants (doesn’t everyone).  I like to create half-finished products and I fake at being outdoorsy when really I’d just prefer to sit on the beach and read…without the sand touching me.  In short: I’m a cat lady who reads books and wants a bike with a basket and a small bell.   Please hear from the former “me’s” below:
(August, 2011): It’s been eight months since my last “about”.  My dreams have changed, my four post canopy bed has not, really (other than my mother buying me new bedding yesterday.  At twenty-three, she still picks out my bedding.  It doesn’t have flowers this time though, it’s more geometric).  I am currently studying to be a teacher so that I can rant about literacy and books to four classrooms full of children a day.  I work at a teen center for “at-hope” youth (my friend Jemeka made that up and I quite like it) and have learned more about gangs in the last six month than I ever expected too in my life.  I also work for an award-winning, international literary magazine (#humblebrag) and am on hiatus from writing any dead-grandmother poetry, or Virgin, Catholic poems.   My father (faj) is old, my mom has red hair.  I live with them and my slinker cat, Jasper (named after Twilight).  I read cult classics, literary fiction, too much poetry, and I’m currently obsessed with magical realism.  To learn more about me from a few months ago, see below.  This one was less fun than the last one – I must be aging.
(When I returned from Australia): It has been almost a year since I started blogging and therefore, on this daylight’s saving night, I thought it was about time that I updated myself.  Right?  I guess this is a bit more than just dying my hair (or buzzing my head like Britney, eeeeeee).  I am still curly-haired, more mermaid now though and I am back from my tramping around the globe and instead, living at home with my parents and four legged friend, jas.  I read a lot (what an interesting sentence).  I write a lot (of utter nonsense, women’s poetry, catholic-ness etc).  I am currently on a meat strike because of lent and I never knew how hard it was to not eat chicken.  I prefer cats to humans.  I prefer rocking chairs to desk chairs.  I prefer to  hang free, and be hair covered then wear a bra or shave (I conform still though because….well I don’t quite know why).  If I could wear petticoats like Alice in Wonderland everyday, I would, and I would also drink tea everyday (I do).  That’s about it for right now in my life.  I have wonderful people supporting me as well (all over the world, one of the most important, literally across the world) and that’s me.  Me, before the next big step of graduate school, hopefully.  Keep all your limbs and dexters crossed.
(When Blog was started…) I am a curly haired girl who has decided to take a year off after college to travel the globe.  I like to consider myself a writer, but I’m pretty much just a “diddier” that tries to write things down because I over-analyze and people-watch way too much.  I’m probably an old cat lady already with my first little man being Jasper Dean Mannes.  I am in love with the outdoors, but pretty much recluse myself to the front porch.  I’m a person who likes to sit inside their own head. I’m pretty obnoxious, and flakey so if you want to follow this blog, I suggest you catch up on your Seinfeld (Fox 1130-1230 Monday-Friday) and realize that talking about absolutely nothing can be quite exciting. So, enjoy, as I am, this trip around the world and e-mail me if you miss me, because I’m sure I’ll be missing you too!
Where you can find me (I’m creepily all over the internet):

I do not have a facebook, or myspace.
Here is the latest picture I genuinely like of myself, taken by Christine (my old college roommate):

Painting the sidewalk Red, they were out of Roses.

Hi, I’m Cassie

Cassie Mannes Murray (@fromcass) is a writer and educator living on the coast of NC.

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