November 18, 2018

Style Inspiration: Amy Poehler on Making It

Obviously, I am the Donna Meagle of Pawnee Parks and Rec, but I’ve always had a secret husk in my chest carved solely for Leslie Knope. (Notice my use of maker-verbs & nouns here.  I’m on brand.) I try to turn my Knope on when I’m careening into awkward small talk; her enthusiasm, her craftiness, her go-gals attitude.  Although, I can’t always be the Leslie Knope of my life, I can use Amy Poehler as style inspiration.

You can take the end-all-be-all Buzzfeed Parks & Rec character quiz if you still don’t know.

Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman on Making It, Episode 1.

While Amy Poehler isn’t Leslie Knope on Making It, her first episode outfit makes me want to put a backpack on and glue some shit: baby blue button down with an emoji decorated collar, overalls with pockets, and little boots.  She looks like a modern day Peter Pan who’s about to cut, mold, and paper-mache her way right into a scrapbook.  Nick Offerman looks like a lumberjack, AS HE SHOULD.  I could probs style your man based on Nick, but this one’s for the GALENTINES.

So, here’s a style guide to macramake you into Amy-Poehler-adorkable.


First step, graphic button-up.

For these, I pulled from Modcloth, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters dude section, and Old Navy little boy’s section.  Look, grown women like bulldogs riding skateboards on their shirts too, Old Navy. To be completely crafty-cute, just click on the image and it’ll take you right to the shopping page.  The bulldogs on skateboards is totally on sale right now too, weeeeeee!

  1. Banned Playful Nature Embroidered Blouse, Modcloth — $49
  2. Classic Built-in Flex Vintage Shirt for Boys, Old Navy (Sale!) — $11
  3. Pineapple Button Front Shirt, Forever 21 — $16. I love the length of this one, it comes right to the jean edge.
  4. Primary Pick Collared Blouse, Modcloth. — $45
  5. UO Mushroom Print Rayon Shirt, Urban Outfitters Men’s — $30 (Sale!)
  6. Wrangler x MC Austin Translation Denim Shirt, Modcloth, $79.  This one is sort of expensive, but Wrangler stays alive for decades. My middle school self can tell you about the Wrangler jeans I’m still wearing.

Second Step, a good pair of overalls:

For these, I pulled American Eagle, H&M, Madewell, Aerie/American Eagle, Gap, Urban Outfitters, and Forever 21. I’m going to be real, I’m super curvy so while I wish I could rock some ripped jegging overalls, it’s just not my style.  The first pair in stripes reminds me of an artist I love on Instagram, Ashley Mary; she wears a ton of really sweet vintage clothes. I also just love the jean-blue Dickies in the fourth photo because they look comfy AF.

  1. BDG Marcy Striped Overall, Urban Outfitters — $79
  2. AE Denim X Jegging Overall, AE — $50 (Sale!)
  3. Relaxed Denim Overalls, Gap — $70, These would probably be my go-to.  I love how casual, but also professional The Gap is.
  4. Dickies Relaxed Twill Overall, Urban Outfitters — $79
  5.  Woven Grommet Overalls, Forever 21 — $36 (Sale!)
  6. Twill Bib Overalls, H&M — $18 (Sale!)
  7. Rolla’s Sailor Denim Jumpsuit, Urban Outfitters — $129
  8. Apron Bow-Back Jumpsuit, Madewell — $138 (not going to lie, I love a good bow, just not on a bridesmaid dress).

Image Map Image Map

If none of these work for you, you could totally take up sewing, sew yourself her outfit, especially the emoji collar, and then go on Making It and win one-hundred thousand dollars.  A girl can dream, right?

Image Map

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