May 13, 2012

Project 365 | Week 19

Another week, another wash load of photos:

Day 126: A Sunday

Day 126 | I’m becoming my Mother

I found this magnet, and I quite enjoyed it, and then I decided I could make it myself, and I haven’t.  (Series-of-unfortunate-commas, oh man).  I totally regret not buying it on the spot for my new fridge.  (I got a big girl job).  I keep telling my friends not to be jealous of my big girl job because my mom keeps shouting, “Put on your big girl panties” throughout our house.    Plus, she has more fridge magnets than the big fridge in the sky.  I’m becoming my mother.

Day 127:  A Monday

Day 127 | Out of the Club Stripping.

I decided it would be really cool if I stripped my bed, not for washing, but for staining.  When I was a junior in college I  painted a giant white tree on the head board.  I was (am) really into nature and all that, being barefoot – you know.  I didn’t realize stripping your bed is a whole ordeal.  However, I did discover that at the bare wood, someone painted a lovely little bouquet.  I think my mom haggled our neighbors down to $15 on this vintage find when we got it.

Day 128: A Tuesday

Day 128 | I’m in the 39%

Like President Obama, I’m for marriage equality.  A lot of people think that this Amendment 1 was to ban the unions between LGBTQ community members, but all it did was prolong the inevitable.  Like Obama has said in the past, we are a nation that is evolving.  Here’s how I look at it: you don’t have to vote for Gay Marriage, you have to vote for equality.   This Amendment wasn’t asking for the holy rollers to let the LGBTQ community get married in the sanctity of their church, but under the government.  This is why we have separation of church and state, people.

Here’s a story:

Yesterday, I stopped at Food Lion on my way home to get Broccoli.  One of my teens who I hadn’t seen in a while was the cashier in my line.  Of course, I asked him where he’d been.

He said, “I have no reason to come up there anymore.”


“We got a computer at home and everything.”

Now, I’ve had a computer my entire life.  I never wanted for technology, or anything really, in my household.  I always had easy access to Microsoft Word to type my papers, and google search was available for all the examples I used in those papers.  However, to my teen at Food Lion having a computer at home was a remarkable thing.   Think about this story next time you imagine everyone as equal.  Ask yourself then how you can make this life more equal, more free for others.

Day 129: A Wednesday

Day 129 | “Tonight we Dine in Hell”

This is Jasper on the kitchen island.  THIS is Jasper the dictator.

Day 130: A Thursday

Day 130 | Spring, darling

“With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?” — Oscar Wilde

Day 131: A Friday

Day 131 | WantonCreation makes me wonder if bowling shoes are the same in every country.

I want to know where you can buy bowling shoes.  They looked cute with my summer dress.

Day 131 | Winning

I know that score says I’m not winning, but I just got a strike! (Strikes! are in need of exclamation points).

Day 132 : A Saturday

Day 132 | Daily Toes Cleaning

Sometimes, he’s cute, only sometimes though.  This blog is a Holy Comma Disaster.

Day 133: A Sunday

Day 133 | Happy Mother’s Day

On the side of the road a little goose family was munching on the propellers of dandelions.  Weird thing is, my mother loves Geese.  She giggles over gaggles (had to get it in there).  In honor of my mother, and all wonderful mothers like her, Happy Mother’s Day.

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16 responses to “Project 365 | Week 19”

  1. Amy Pirt says:

    I love bowling shoes too.

    • Cassie says:

      I used to think they were hideous when I was little and people had their birthday’s at the bowling alley. But they’re actually pretty cute. : )

  2. Loving your post – great photos!

  3. Kristel says:

    Fantastic photos and love the bit about bowling shoes and a dress. I’ve been looking for commando boots to go with my florals. 🙂

    • Cassie says:

      That is pretty cute. I love wearing boots with florals and funky stockings. I can’t wait to buy tights for this winter. I really love these peacock ones I’ve found on modcloth.

  4. gajenn says:

    No way, your kitty is named Jasper? Mine too! She is a soft smoky gray hellion. 🙂

  5. Ah what a great post! I like what you said equality, some very good points! That picture of your cat in the kitchen is just too good, hahaha! And now you have me wondering where you would buy bowling shoes from? I imagine you could order them in through a bowling alley actually? Because they problem get them made to order anyway. Hmmm….

    • Cassie says:

      I definitely Google searched bowling shoes after I posted this and they sell them at a ton of places for professional bowling leagues. Now all I news is one of those retro Charlie sheen bowling jerseys. And yes I was so excited to get that photo of my car because a lot of people think he’s evil and I guess that almost yawn face proves it.

      • Oh wow! That is awesome! I’m in awe of professional bowlers, I know a couple, and they’re like “oh yeah, I’ve only had five 300 point games so far”…. :/
        Hahaha, the cat’s face is like he’s so bored he’s infuriated by it. “Entertain me, simple humans!”
        By the way…I just noticed how many books you’ve read this year. And now I am in awe of you! Sheeeeesh! I mean I haven’t updated my goodreads for a while…but you’ve already read more than my whole year’s goal. Very impressive 🙂 I wish I had that kind of discipline 😛

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