February 20, 2012

Project 365 | Week 7

And we’re back.  I was too busy slurping a cookout milkshake and watching Breaking Dawn Part 1 with Christine and her dog, Dobby (Yes, Harry Potter) to post my photos.  Also, it snowed yesterday and I spent the evening fantasizing about the wing spans of snow angels.

Here are the photos:

Day 43 | A Very Lego Birthday

My mom needs her own cake show on TLC.  It could be called Bea-Dazzled, or Honey Bea’s, or See Bea Bake.  I could do this all day. The picture above is my nephew’s fourth birthday cake bea-dazzled in homemade white chocolate lego men, my mother’s fancy icing script, and lego candies.

Day 44 | Phase 10

This is my “everything, everywhere” notebook.  It’s called: The “Miss Blue, Pleated Skirt” Notebook.  Why…I’m not sure, I didn’t write my reasoning down. I named it several months ago on the day I finished my last notebook.  It was started on October 20th at the teen center (says the inside cover).  On day 44, I spent three hours playing Phase 10.  Jaquan beat me by ten points, by the end we all felt like we had just fought a hefty battle across roaring seas.

Day 45 | Two Big Ego's

My cat has a favorite chair.  It seems in the last week my father has a favorite chair.  Jasper is not good at sharing.  They’re a cuddling twosome instead, even though my cat is the farthest thing from cuddly.  He’s like an Animal Planet special on wild beasts.


I just wanted to post this one as an extra.  I made my teens all a special pixie stick valentine and this is end pile.  So much sugar, so little time.

Day 46 | Rose Garden

Darling took me to the rose garden.  It’s not growing any beauties at the moment, but it looks like something the Prince would kill for Sleeping Beauty.  I can just imagine his platinum sword flying through the brambles.

Day 47 | Man Down

My nephew needs to learn the Barney clean-up song, but until then, here is the death of a criminal after trying to rob the bank.  Next to him is the valentine and birthday lego’s that we’ve been racking up.  This was shot between playing power rangers throughout the house and playground.  Of course, I was the nine tongue villain that chased all the small boys through slides and around swings.

Day 47.5 | Valentines for Pre-school

My brother and sister-in-law hung my nephews creations at pre-school this week from the fire place.  Not only do I believe he’ll be the next Picasso, but look at that heart, finger-painted like a small massacre.

Day 48 | Hand Model

This is my cat.  If you haven’t figured out he thinks that he’s Gaston from Beauty & the Beast.  Check out that smize face, Tyra would be proud.  Obviously, he’s America’s Next Model.

Day 48 | Christian Science Reading Room

Don’t they have these rooms in every city?  Last night during Raleigh’s first snow of the year, I came across these homemade snowflakes and the quote taped to the glass of the Christian Science Reading Room.  I love the blue glow of the dark.

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19 responses to “Project 365 | Week 7”

  1. I soooo love your and he is so adorable, the cake is so unique and ur nephews valentines stuffs are so cute! I am smiling while reading your post from the start to the end. 🙂 xxxxxxx

  2. Love the photos. the kitty is cute too.

  3. ceciliag says:

    What a great wander about, lots of characters and storylines in your reality pages today!! c

  4. Best….Cake….Ever!!!!

  5. niasunset says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog dear Cassie, I am so glad to meet with you and with your blog too. You are so lovely and your cat too. I loved her photographs… And this cake seems so beautiful. This is great work. Happy Birthday for this lucky one! I love these kind of things dear cassie, actually I have another blog too, you can find on my photography blog, I try to share all my crazy crafts there… It would be so nice to be your follower, Thank you, with my love, nia

  6. Bea says:

    He must be a lego fan! Jack is already planning next year’s Lego truck cake. He plans, and then I have to pull it off. Oy!
    Love all the pics though, especially the “man down” and the “hand model”. So cute.

  7. I love cookout milkshakes! They’re amazing!! 🙂

  8. Jen Thompson says:

    The cakes are amazinggggg and love the pic of your kitty all stretched out….mine do that all of the time… great pics! 🙂

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