April 22, 2011

Do you know how many words start with Q?

Just as I’m sitting down to type this blog, my brother comes in the house, and he’s been a shit brother lately, and my nephews here (who gives the most juiciest and food tasting kisses, so I’m going to have to extend my already late blog by another few hours.  I’ll be back!
Okay, it’s raining, I’m sitting with my towel atop my head like a 1950’s headscarf and I’m “Indian Style” under the covers.  My cat is licking all his various cat parts and we’re ready to blog about the letter Q which I am going to use for “quotes.”
I have a notebook that I got in Australia (it’s my favorite notebook, right now, because it’s hardcover which is really hard to find and the lines are perfectly big enough for my obtuse and sorority-girl-imagined hand-writing.  I once did a science fair project in 7th grade on hand-writing and I think a little bit of me still believes that my hand-writing will tell me a bit about myself.  So, sometimes it’s really hard for me to write in notebooks if I’m not using a pen that doesn’t make my handwriting look good.  I went to Target today and purchased new pens just for the occasion and celebration of me writing again.  I am creating small, choppy masterpieces for graduate school or I will spontaneously com-bust, much like letters from the Chief in Inspector Gadget.  Either way, I have this hardback notebook filled with quotes from poets books I’ve read through so I won’t forget the lines that made me emotional, and lines from my favorite novels, and my own lines occasionally when the fabulous Dorianne gives me exercises that usually come out as a poem about someone’s body; someone dead usually.
And so, again…in my effort to share the world of poetry with everyone, and have it come alive as if it were a sonnet in Victorian England…I am going to share a few of my favorite quotes from this hard-back notebook that make me feel like a real writer (imagine this said in Pinocchio’s voice very much like, “I’m a real boy!”)  So, without further ado, here are some quotes I love (warning, this may be Larry Levis overload).

  • “This was the guardian angel with which the Sisters assured us we were all equipped…you couldn’t hurt an angel, but I would have been happy to know I had dirtied his feathers-I conceived him in feathers – Flannery O’Connor (Catholic and obsessed with birds).
  • “you go further into blank paper/you go past the white smirk of benign/you find the dark trousers of your father/the hair pins of your mother/you hold them in your hands.” – A Poem of Horses, Larry Levis
  • “I write only because there is a voice within me that will not be still.” – Sylvia Plath
  • “Secret codes of skin and hair/go dim/left from the light too long.” – Adrienne Rich, Telephone Ringing in the Labyrinth
  • “nonsequiter, n. – This is what it sounds like when doves cry.” – The Lover’s Dictionary.
  • The tectonic layers of our lives rest so tightly one on top of the other that we always come up against earlier events in later ones, not as matter that has been fully formed and pushed aside, but absolutely present and alive.”  – The Reader
I thought these were a good range of quotes from my secret, special, hard notebook.  It really smells in my room for some reason (I’m going to blame the house animal…or my nephew who has “jaccidents” all the time).  So, I’m going to take my Adrienne Rich elsewhere and fill my notebook with other little diddy’s that make me feel human.
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