April 18, 2011

Old Friends

What do you do with someone you’ve been friends with since you were 10, who just disappeared from your life two years ago because of girl-drama.  You know, typical passive-aggressive nonsense.  You know what you do, you go to a Mexican place that’s very dark inside so you can’t really see each other’s faces clearly, and it has a lot of eclectic furniture, and maybe one or two metal roosters painted funky colors hanging above your head.  And you talk like old friends; you laugh about how spicy the salsa is as you’re both coughing into your napkin to be polite (even though neither of you are polite at all.  Both, very…food juices on your fingertips kinda girls).
And then after the meal, when you talk about boys, jobs, people you don’t really care about from high school,  you go to food lion and you pee together.  The toilets may have skid marks from shoes (those black marks you see on shiny floors from the rubber bottoms of sneakers) and there may be pee in and around your area, but you can hover.  And you have a conversation while it trickles.  You giggle in-between the stall doors.  Then, at the hand blower, you both realize just makes your hands dirty again instead of making them dry.
And then you run into a few other old friends who just happen to be walking by, because this is Raleigh and you always see everyone you know, and one admits to reading your blog (score!) and you have some fried donuts and you listen to the soundtrack to your life, and you watch the Miami Heat kill the Sixers and you have a good night.  And it’s been a while.  And you can smell the weird beers at the table, and the Reuben sandwich next to you in all its’ meaty glory.  And you make “that’s what she said jokes” or someone does because that’s SO 2007, hah.
And afterwards, in the casual awkwardness people have, you text each other and talk about how it wasn’t awkward.  And I tell you I miss you and you say this is a step in the right direction.
Mexican…bringing friends together one chihuahua cheese at a time.
This is a shout out to all my lost and lonely friends – all hope is not gone, we can still patch things up (unless it’s irreparable which in some cases it is, most of the girl-cases it is.  If you were my girl-friend once and we had a falling out, I most likely still dislike you, because sister knows how to hold a grudge).  Just saying the real facts here.
And if you’re reading this and you live in my neighborhood and your name rhymes with tamderson, I hope you do knock on my door and we can go for a walk or something haha, because lord knows I need the exercise after eating all of those donuts and the HG kids should stick together.
Goodnight all, try to send a quick hello to an old friend you may have lost touch with and see where it goes (unless they’re a bigot, then say Fuck Em’)!

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