April 10, 2011

H is for Happiness (and cramped art stores).

It’s late. I know, I know.  No one will have faith in me to finish deadlines any longer or ever work in an office with little plastic boxes that hold piles of assorted colored paper.  I guess I’m no good at keeping up when my weekends get shorter and shorter.  It’s amazing that most weekdays I work and somehow can manage to pop out a blog or two from my blogging Buddha’s belly, but when I have all the time in the world on the weekends, I struggle.  Hmph, H, must you torture me this way?
But I’ve thought of something, finally! It may have taken me until Sunday to find a perfectly adequate and kind-of-fairytale-esque blogging subject for H, but the goal has been reached.  H is obviously for Happiness. I know we’re all sad when rainbow is blue in the Kellogs commercial and then she eats her cereal bowl and turns bright again, and the little (creepy laugh carrying) leprechaun comes out with his hefty pile of gold showering the carpeted office floor with coins.  That’s because, the rainbow, one of the happiest things on earth (other than Disney World obviously) is sad and no one likes to be sad (or lonely, or down-trodden, or depressed, or at rock-bottom, or any of those things).  I recently took up the phrase, “I’m sad at you” instead of “I’m mad at you” because it always seems more fitting when I’m crying my eyes out laying with my head straight into the dip of my bed where my butt usually fits.  WAH!
But alas, no more.  Today is a day for happiness and jubilee.  If I owned a small who-town, I would tell them to start singing their Christmas carols early and join hands around an extra-large tree full of trimmings of old lights and fantastic goodies.  I might even put on a red velvet dress and join them.
So, today, the day of joys.  I had macaroni and cheese for breakfast.  Oh, and a cinnamon roll covered in icing (the ones you get out of vending machines, and they leave gooey bits of white on your fingertips that you can suck off like a movie character, or a slutty girl, take your pick).  I spent a good half-day in some sweatpants.  I watched an episode of Law&Order with Gary Busey in it, pure Law&Order wonderfulness.  It’s like watching a Lifetime Movie except over and over with a good introductional beat at the beginning.
And then I spent the day with my fellow bloggette, Nat Cicero.  (I really just wanted to share with you the link to her blog, but then I remembered she doesn’t want everyone and their mothers … literally in my case … to read it.  So I won’t.  I’ll be, smart, for once).  She’s been dating my best guy friend (time for the “awwww” in unison, friends dating friends and making beautiful friendsie babies that I’ll get to be some sort of half-mother, crazy-cat-lady-aunt too, all good things come in time right?).  And so I haven’t been able to see her as often because they’re in the “swooning” stage.  But today, it was different.  We went to Downtown Durham and stood amongst the perfectly old-timey buildings that all looked molded for little book shops downstairs and apartments with vintage furniture upstairs.
The reason all of this makes me so happy is that a. I put down plans to do work, write, blog, read, talk, make earrings and jewelry, but instead chose to spend the day with a friend, which is very unlike me.  Usually when I have a to-do list, I stick to it. b. We happened to walk up on art walk and so we got to hang around artsy fartsy, drum-beating, “vintage”-saleswomen type people and spend the day thinking creative.
I love to think creative.  If you haven’t done this in a while, just go to your local good will, pick out any crazy outfit you want for the moment and put it on. And dance around in that small wooden hut and let yourself feel free of the person you’re “supposed to be” or who “you wish you could be” and just be a person, in a fabulously untrendy outfit, that may or may not have puffy sleeves and was once worn in a Western style wedding.  Just sayin’.  May have had a few of these experiences.
And, to top it all off – I FINALLY got to experience The Scrap Exchange which was A HELLUVA OVERWHELMING EXPERIENCE, but worth it because I got some awesome little doo-dads to make new jewelry with.  Expect some funky pieces coming from the Cassie Collection soon.
And to top it all off, I took a few photos for your viewing pleasure.  Happiness via my new, too-smart phone.

This is a chalked-up bull.  I was really wishing in this moment that chalk started with “h.”  I’m pretty sure I even said it out-loud.  Nat did some doodling with a red piece and I took a green (that didn’t really show up).  But, somewhere, I autographed that bull.  So when I’m famous, find it, all washed off, and kiss its’ little hooves, super fans.  (This is purely a fantasy).

Drum circle.  Aka, there was a teacher, a bunch of drums in a pile on a tarp, and anyone who felt like letting the beat rise from their chests and arms (much like Lion King) was allowed to step in, take a drum, and put some rhythm together.  Talk about happiness, happiness is a random drum circle, and a tanned-dreadlocks-blonde-with-abs dancing around it.  (Faint).

Happiness is finding the EXACT bike you want for graduate school (at the beach, pray, pray, pray for me) with the basket included, on sale and hanging in a store.  Please UNCW, let me be a part of your fabulous program where I will write all kinds of crazy poems about dead relatives, my Catholicism and the many boys that have been a part of my life throughout my shallow number of years.  I promise to be…promising…

I will love you forever.

and ever.

and ever.


Pretty Please.

It would make me so HAPPY!

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4 responses to “H is for Happiness (and cramped art stores).”

  1. Kendal says:

    Any day that starts of with mac and cheese is going to be a good day. Just saying.

  2. Kendal says:

    Any day that starts of with mac and cheese is going to be a good day. Just saying.

  3. bea mannes says:

    I can’t see the pics, try again, or give me instructions please. Happy, happy, happy!

  4. bea mannes says:

    I can’t see the pics, try again, or give me instructions please. Happy, happy, happy!

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