December 31, 2010

Why I love my parents, but living with them "sucks."

I really thought I wouldn’t post again until the new year, and then I noticed that my posts were at 61 for this year, and I can’t do odd numbers (not on television volume, or car radio…nadda) so, I’m posting again while waiting on text updates from my best friend Sars about her and Josh’s trip to the Avett concert.  Really, I’m just lonely and waiting for any sort of text message, from mostly anyone in the world.  But then, what else is new in North Carolina, not much…
I’m starting to think that’s my big problem.  I feel that I’ve overwhelmingly changed in my time abroad, and now that I’m home – everything is just stagnant and the same.  My room looks exactly how I left it, except my parents have cramped it with my old apartment’s television and computer (desk) so that it feels like I’m still in my little studio (too bad I don’t have my own kitchen, and my own bathroom…oh, and I’m not sharing with two other people).
I didn’t realize how much moving back into your parents house after four years of being on your own, really sucked.  And there’s no other word for it other than the angsty teen word of “suck,” it really encompasses the entire idea.  And so, if you’re in college and reading this; when you go home on weekends, and you think that you miss your family and you wish that you could just move home and hug your mom more often, don’t actually make that a possibility because you WILL have to make your bed everyday and you WILL be asked to clean your room (not that at this point they can really ground you).
I think the worst part of staying with my parents right now is that every time I’m on the phone or texting someone, one of them inevitably asks “who are you talking to?”  Since when … have you had to tell anyone who you’re talking to this regularly, or ever?  It’s nobody’s business who I’m talking to, unless I’m texting Channing Tatum and he plans on divorcing his wife and moving in with me, otherwise who I’m talking to isn’t pertinent information.  My mother just recently stopped asking me if I had brushed my teeth.  I think she realized I wasn’t thirteen anymore, and regardless of how disorganized my room looks, my hygiene is top notch.
I never want to be naggy.  Can that be a goal in my life…to never be naggy?  Just throwin’ that out there.
Could I also stop being such a complainer?  In the glass half full, I’d be saying something like this….”my parents feed me great meals, they put a roof over my head, pay for electricity and car insurance, keep my cat fed, etc etc.”  UGH. My mom just took me shopping today too, just for fun, I think I almost punched about a million people out – SO many people at the mall after Christmas.  My mom just cracks up every time I say I’m going to have to stab someone out (where did the phrase cracked up even come from)?
This blog has led me to the conclusion that I’m not a good person.
Also, I was watching Millionaire Matchmaker (because Patti is like a fifty-year-old Chelsea Handler, and there was this man on the show, who was very full of himself and on his date, he came out and said “I hate people.”  Well, long story short, his date got really offended and then Patti went on a yelling streak at the guy because who wants to date someone who claims to hate people.  Because of this I won’t go out on a limb and claim this.
Again, this blog—-> not a good human being.
All in all, I think this blog is saying one full thing, “I’d like to move back to Australia, now please.”

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  1. bea mannes says:

    How do I comment on that? I guess I would have to remember what it was like to be your age, and stuck with your parents. I tell all the young people I work with to stay home with their families as long as they can stand YOU! It is pretty tough out there, and you can’t really know it until you are completely on your own, housing and financially speaking. The time will come when you can move, or choose to move, or must move. I am hoping for the “choose to”, that means you have planned ahead, thought out all the particulars, and are ready to steam ahead into your own existence. Until then, we will try to put up with you as long as you put up with us. Oh, and you are NOT a bad human, just a young one. Keep growing and dreaming BW, and soon you will be moving too!

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