December 2, 2010

Normal Blog…no heated debates here. PACKING.

So, last week I opened my big mouth and blogged about something that I probably shouldn’t have.  Pretty sure it’s the first time (on my blog) that I’ve picked on (even though I really didn’t and talked about her many wonderful qualities as well) someone I know, other than myself.  I often criticize my own ridiculous, and crazy actions on this blog because that’s who I am.  I’m genuinely genuine (Honestly Honest, Trustworthy Truthful…etc etc).  I think it’s safe to say I should not have found pictures of someones tattoo and projected it for the world of my friends to see, but you can’t take things like that back now can ya?  My mom always said NEVER EVER EVER write something down that you don’t want the world to know about (she’s a pretty smart cookie) and I definitely wrote about something (that I didn’t believe anyone was ashamed of by their flaunting it on their public website) but that possibly brought shame or humiliation to people close to them.  I guess if my cousin got a tattoo like that and then someone posted a poll questioning whether they were a slut, or a person that shouldn’t be judged based solely on a tattoo, I’d be pissed to (probably not ashamed, because hey, that isn’t my body, but pissed none-the-less).  It obviously isn’t my intention to anger people on this blog, but it is my intention to show my friends how Aussie life is and to show them what a wonderful time I’ve been having and what a wonderful place Australia is.  I like to think I’ve been successfully documenting these experiences for people around the world, but maybe posting someone else’s body for the effect of a poll wasn’t my best idea.  I apologize.  And I have learned a valuable lesson.
Now, I plan on successfully moving on (entirely) from this matter and blogging about something I’m not particularly enjoying right now: packing.  I’m leaving Canberra in exactly a week (onto Kiama and Sydney next) and so I’ve been packing my humble little room up.  I never knew one person could own so many pens – but it seems I am a regular pen collector, possibly even an officienato (I spent about ten minutes trying to find that word in spell check and now I have given up, it sounds like o-fish-ee-an-ah-do…therefore it should also be spelled this way, but this is a timeless argument so why even get myself started).
I have so many books as well, that I’m actually giving all to the ACT Library.  I’ve been checking out four books about every two weeks from the public library since September.  So, in an effort to give back for all the free reading they’ve let me do and free quote-stealing, free story ideas, free time spent smelling books, free magazine reading, free non-fiction section study group coughing – I’m giving back.  Now, this is a huge step for me because I really REALLY hate parting with books.  My mom and dad thought long and hard before purchasing me an e-reader because I’m the girl that’s constantly saying “I like to hold the book, feel its back and cover, smell it” (it really sounds like I’m the perverted book reader here) but I just really enjoy having a good page to turn, that may or may not have stains from previous readers in it (yea, I like those stains…and the margin notes…etc).  So, for me to take majority of the books I’ve bought here and donate them – it’s huge for me and also a blessing because there is absolutely no room on my bookshelf for anymore books…or anything.  (I collect elephants – mostly from my father and so most of those are stored in and around my bookshelf).  I didn’t give up the Holly Goddard-Jones book “Girl Trouble” because she teaches at Greensboro and I’m applying there so I need more time to dissect her.  Nor did I give up Dorianne Laux’ book “Facts About the Moon” because it’s one of my favorites.  But, pretty much everything else, even books straight out of Raleigh’s used bookstores are now going to be available to readers in Canberra, Australia.  Books Across the Globe – Horray! That should seriously be the name of a non-profit company (like Toms, buy a book, give a book type thing.  Just think about it).
Then, there’s letters.  I’ve gotten more letters in Australia then I can count (seriously, I have the most amazing, old-fashioned friends) and so I’ve packaged those in these heavy-duty HUGE ziplock bags I found, quite handy.  One of these blogs I’ll quote random sentences throughout the letters I’ve received (graduated college and still can’t get the i before e rule) just to show you how hilarious my mother can be mostly.  I’ll also take pictures so you all can see the creative card section of my luggage (hah). I should probably highlight this paragraph to remind myself to do this.
I have a hat fascinator from horse racing that I have no clue how to pack.  It might not even get packed, it might have been a one-time thing that may have to go.  You just can’t bring giant, fashionable hats the size of your head across the world.
I have a huge bag of Christmas presents (mostly for my silly nephew who I can’t seem to stop buying things for, guess that means I love the little monster).  And a few odds and ends for the rest of my family, I tried to buy small, but then I bought my nephew a Roary the Racing Car and everything went down hill from there.  I also ate the gourmet chocolate I bought my cousin and his girlfriend, so I’m going to need to get something else for them.  Christmas shopping is so exhausting, good lord.
While I was packing (it’s been raining the last four days so there’s not much else to do but pack) well..I guess I took a break and went grocery shopping.  And I actually saw two roo’s boxing, which I hadn’t yet seen in Australia and was really excited because I feel like I’ve seen it all now.  They were really going at it, and making these guttural noises, pushing their heads back (they have very short necks) and sticking their miniature arms out to bop one another.  Finally, the biggest mom broke them up by pulling one off the other.  I think the coolest part though was that they stood on their tails to try and kick one another with their feet.  I have to admit, (sorry PETA) that I wanted to see one go flying across the grass hill, but unfortunately didn’t get that chance.  I did see the cutest, smallest, miniature bunny though and a possum followed me home the other night, oh and all of a sudden since it’s summer there’s like 2083742834 species of birds in Australia so it’s pretty much the animal kingdom over here and I’m waiting patiently to have a snake encounter…terrifying.  We literally got e-mails that now that it’s summer not to walk through the grasses, AND if you see snakes on the highway to slow down so that you kill them completely and they don’t get stuck in your tire rotation and bite you when you get out of the car.  I mean could anything be more terrifying than that?  Good thing I don’t have a car in Australia.  And good thing I brought my tough and rough cowboy boots.  And good thing I always avoid tall grasses because it always makes you itch and the only thing their good for are shooting rockets.
I’ve packed away MOST of my winter clothes too (as I say this I’m typing in a sweat shirt, with a fur hood and some VS sweatpants…so I guess I can’t say all of my winter stuff) but most of my winter stuff is packed away because it’s summertime and it’s hot.  Except when it rains for days on end (like now and supposedly for the next three days.  It saddens me because all of the lily pads in the lakes have been covered up and I really wanted to take a photo of them all before I left.  Also there’s the cutest baby duck family at the lake, 11 babies and I just hope they’re surviving the weather because I want to see their little teenage selves in a week.  Yes, in Australia I have taken to watching the life cycles of animals, since they barely have a spring and I was here for the week that it all happened).
I have successfully thrown out a pair of shoes.  Treated myself to not one, but two romantic comedies after my efforts.  Am halfway through Larry Levis, “The Selected Levis” and still only in the first part of “Flannery, The Life and Times of Flannery O’Connor” by probably the SEXIEST male author I’ve ever seen on a book flap.  I mean seriously, check him out next time you’re in B&N.  I guess that’s it on the packing front.  I’m NO BUENO at taking out the trash I’ve figured out this week, I’m actually quite … well I just don’t do it, there’s no smart way to say that.
Now I plan to break out my pen collection and continue to chisel away at a short story I’ve been working on for graduate school.  Here’s to hoping people!

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  1. bea mannes says:

    I enjoyed this blog, the first part, and the rest. You addressed the “tattoo” incident thoughtfully, and I believe great lessons were learned by all who read that blog, including the tattooed, the cousin, your readers, and you. We all can learn to clean up our Facebook pages a little, out with the old, in with the new, subtract people we aren’t close to, and double check our pictures. If there is a picture you don’t want on the front page of tomorrow’s Newspaper, maybe it shouldn’t be up for all to see.
    On to the rest, loved the rest of the blog, the animal watching, the packing, the fact that you ate Todd and Katie’s chocolate, it was all fun and made me smile. Happy Packing Sweetie, keep blogging, and enjoy Australia.

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