November 21, 2010

"I'll just put on my Southern Accent and say 'ya'll' a lot"

This week in my Australian life was actually really American.  (Strange how it happens that way.  You can take the girl out of America, but you can’t take the twang out of the girl).  I’ve been a bit odd all week because Thanksgiving’s coming up and I’m not sure how I feel about my first Thanksgiving away from home (maybe the Embassy I stalked today will let me come feed off of them…I’ll just have to get passed all of the guarded police cars).  My friend Christina has commenced in cheering me up for the Thanksgiving holiday by taking me to the bus depot markets and buying Bagels, Baklava and miniature cupcakes with dresses atop them for our Thanksgiving dinner this evening.   I mean we all know everyone eats the most random food on Thanksgiving anyway (canned cranberry sauce, come on….seriously?  Who eats that on a regular basis?…yea, thought so).
So, anyway, earlier this week we all went to the very first Canberra Cavaliers home game, decked out with short shorts, (I wish I could say foam fingers), a feel-himself-up mascot named Serge and “Dug Out Dogs.”  It’s the Australian version of major league baseball, ya know minus the ridiculous amounts of money, a team that almost always wins (Yankees) and as I’ve said already, HUGE lacking in foam finger supplies, HUGE.  I’m the queen of the foam finger, not so sure what that says about me, but I like that sponge on my hand throughout the whole game.  I like to block people’s views behind me and point to people without thinking while whomever I’m with swats my hand down so the point-victims can’t see.  There WERE pluses, don’t get me wrong.  For instance, you could bring your own case into the stadium, rather than paying 4$ a beer.  (Mother, beer is an integral part of a baseball game and I didn’t over do it and fall down the bleachers, don’t worry. I was wearing VERY short shorts so it would have been ugly if I at-all face planted during this experience).   A bunch of us actually went to the game (got to meet Jono’s missus which was an honor since he sort of hides her around…or maybe he’s just hid her from us).  She touched him a lot (yea, it’s my blog I say what I want and I’m almost sure he reads it….so, I’VE NEVER SEEN A GIRL TOUCH YOU THAT MUCH … EVER).  Anyway, she was cute, they were cute…even though he looks like Yo Seminity Sam with his Movember Mo.
Wow, anyway, I digress.  The soundtrack to the baseball game was almost better than the baseball game and because of the large crowd I was able to yell the words to every song.  All the players would hit the ball (finally) and it would either be a foul ball (where usually in America they would yell foul ball, which I did, they didn’t here so I would be the only one yelling.  I got the stink eye from a seven year old who looked like an Albino Aiden from John & Kate Plus Eight) or, the outfielders would ALWAYS catch the high balls.  It got to where I was rooting for both teams, just to get some action.  Maybe this is why I don’t really like baseball at home, I’m more a full contact sport kinda girl.  I also quite liked the singing, did I say that already?  I mean they literally played old school Britney, then “I want it that way” BSB, and THEN, Justin Bieber.  Throw a little Chumbawumba in there and you know why I was very excited.  At one point, someone put a hand over my mouth.  It didn’t stop me from singing “Take me out to the ball game” at an octave higher than glass breaking (because the kids they chose to have on the field sing it didn’t even know the words.  At this moment my fairy Godmother should have turned me seven again like she turned Alice small and large by eating bread and drinking … drink…and yet she lets me yell out at twenty-two every word to “Take me out to the ball game” even though no other adults felt like participating).  I also chicken danced, because they played the song.  No one in the stadium stood except for me, but no one in Australia knows me anyway so WHO CARES.  People need to live more freely, what’s wrong with flapping your arms and swaying your butt in the wind, NOTHING.  Sway away!
I had fun.  That’s it.  I even got an honest compliment that I would be the person they laugh at during American Idol, but hey, at least my dream of being on reality television has finally come true.  Now onto The Real World.
It took us forever to get to the baseball stadium because it’s hidden so I needed to blow off some steam by the time we were there anyway.  SING LOUDLY FOLKS, THAT’S THE POINT OF THIS BLOG.

Jono's Mo, Beer and Dug Out Dog, happy camper!


Clearly ecstatic with my dug out dog. Bacon, cheese, onions, dog.


Baseball in Australia, Take me out!

So then, everyone knows I’m pretty obsessed with two parts of Australia: Kangaroos (aka large squirrels) and Clouds/Skyline (aka sunset capital of the world).  The other night I got a bit of both and just wanted to share them before I go into my stalking the Embassy’s episode.

flat & sunset, gorgeous.


Avatar tree and sunset on my walk to the public library


Avatar tree where all the interesting birdies live


my favorite roo picture ever I think. Baby Joe and momma. I got way closer then I should have & then I ever have.

Today, I went to the Bus Depot Markets with Chris Loeuve and we just marketed (yes!).  They were kind of like Raleigh flea markets, but indoors and a bit more …high class.  That isn’t rude to say because everyone knows that I want a puppy just to be able to walk him around the flea market.  I just took photos of the most …. interesting things I found.  Flavored Olives, etc.  I had olives soaked in garlic sauce, which was delicious and then I had one soaked in something else which was the most taste I’ve ever had in my mouth (Not what she said, Michael Scott).   We literally just walked around trying stuff and then walking away.  I believe we had, two olives each, chocolate covered cherries, nougat, four oven roasted peanuts, three fruit snacks,  some creamed honey (obsessed) and …. heard an old man talk about these immaculate ginger bread houses he’s been building for over fifty years and selling.  This dude should really have his own blog because he had so much explanation to keep us standing there it was unreal.  For instance, each house had a gummy man guarding the door, not a bear, but a man.  Each house has the chimney on the left because he’s left handed.  Each house had five m&m steps going to the door.  They were edible until April too, but I can’t afford a sixty dollar gingerbread house even if it would be amazing to do a demolition with Jack for it.  Pretty much everyone was on their best salesman game.  It took all that I had to put down a princess head band that I thought would make me look like a fairy and Chris thought I’d look like a nut.  I just liked all the color in there and all the button tables.  Women were making all sorts of things out of buttons, inspired me to go button collecting…maybe I’m torn between growing younger and growing ancient with this blog.  So, here are some photos.

Olive collection, perfect for a short story on Australia


Button men and women, I mean why not. Like Barbies, they don't have the proper parts.


I wish this said "headache" so I could say, I believe this is the story of my a comic book print.


My favorite recycled material/environmentally friendly bags. I'll make one when I get home.

and then we were driving passed the croquet range (cracks me up, I literally live in Wonderland) and we past by a few high commissions: Britain, Canada and New Zealand.  And I’m like, “I want to see the US Embassy,” and if you knew my friend Chris, you knew she’d just whip that car around and whip out her street directory because she’s handy like that and drive around the city until we found all the Embassy’s, especially the US one.  At first, when we got there, we were freaking out about getting out of the car because there were camera’s everywhere and I wanted a photo with the sign, because I’m a freak and because I wanted to be arrested/invited in for a giant American extravaganza.  Neither of these happened, the federal agent did just jump out of his car and walk around us while I made Chris take my photo with the sign like four hundred times and then this other random guy who was a total tourist (not just a creeper like us) and I’m talkin’ Hawaiian shirt, giant camera around his neck, safari hat and mirror sunglasses.  But we drove around taking pictures of all the signage and picking which Embassy’s we loved the most.  I actually was quite obsessed with Papua New Guinea because it was the one with the most decorations out front.  Papua New Guinea is the neighbor with a highly intelligent gnome garden in their yard and may also happen to have flamingos, a waving flag for the team they support that week, a country flag on a high pole, blue glass balls, (like at the fortune tellers but on a sculpture base) and other assorted yardigans.  Thus, why they are my favorite.   Egypt had a really rad sun dial, it was burnt orange and had their crest on it.  Finland was like half a skyscraper just ripped off the top and placed onto Australia soil.  America was white picket fence with a million bricks, duh.  Welcome back to NCSU, you’ve reached your holiday destination.  Japan I thought was going to come out of their house and hunt us down.  China had the shiniest roof I’ve ever seen and South Africa had the gardens complete with angel and God sculptures throughout.  Woof, I feel like I just said an essay in very few sentences.  Photo time (obviously):

South African Secret Gardens


Me with the USA sign, complete with federal patrol car in the back


Papua New Guinea painted side house


China's shiny roof.


German Embassy, encase my brother reads this

And that’s all folks.
Oh wait, I read the Sunday Newspaper this morning (The Sunday Telegraph) and I had a few favorite article titles to share with all my lovely American friends.

And now, that’s all folks.

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4 responses to “"I'll just put on my Southern Accent and say 'ya'll' a lot"”

  1. Catie says:

    love it. and you.

  2. Sarah Dion says:

    First of all, hahahahaha. Second of all, you are literally a CRAZY PERSON. Third, I’m so glad you’re having such a good time. And lastly, have a wonderful first Australian Thanksgiving, I’m sure you will have lots of fun and creatively make it the best Thanksgiving ever! <3 you!

  3. bea mannes says:

    Well, that was a mouthful, olives and all! We were definitely able to catch up with your activities through this blog. I loved all the embassies, my fav is the first one, can’t remember the country.
    Don’t be fretting about Thanksgiving, there will be many more, and there is always way too much food! All you need to know is that we will be thinking of you, looking at the pictures I have accumulated of your trip, and skyping you after dinner. Your friend Chris sounds like a nice person, and fun too. Keep enjoying your time there, and we will be seeing you soon.

  4. Annie Kytic says:

    So glad you got to see the Embassy’s. Bet you didn’t see the Irish one. It’s underground!
    We stopped outside the US Embassy & freaked the Security Staff. It’s a public road & you can park. Reason for the apprehension, the large black luggage box, on the roof. Who were we??? They can’t say anything but it was fun to watch them jump!
    Have you got to see the Museums, especially the War Memorial yet?

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