July 18, 2010

The art of the drive and cry.

Today, was a very … stressful, overwhelming, head-in-a-light-socket, pre-menstrual, day for me. I don’t really care if this is too much information, because you’re reading MY blog kids, so you’re going to read about MY heavy flow.
Moving on, I cry….a lot, when I’m stressed. And simple things can set me off, like my mom hugging me, or talking to me about how my dad isn’t going to die while I’m in Australia (which is pretty much my biggest fear), or that show, about finding your family, or loved ones, when you were adopted….THE LOCATER. So, that’s my life…the upsetting, and over-emotional side of it.
However, I always have my very best cries, while driving.  Some of you may say this is like texting and driving, very, very dangerous.  But it’s really not, well unless you start sneezing, or flailing, or doing other things that sometimes happen when people cry.  A car, is your own personal space; you can have a blotchy face in your car, you can pull a Titanic and have steamy car sex with Leonardo Dicaprio, you can live in your car (or just seem like you do by having like 8 pairs of shoes in your backseat and tons of laundry in the trunk, like I do), you can read the newspaper inconspicuously when you see your ex-best friend walking in front of your car, AND you can sing and dance and do as much careoke where you transform into beautiful, lovable Taylor Swift in just 3 minutes.
All of this, is at your convenience in the car. And SO are my best cries.  I love to get upset (well not this part) and drive down back roads, and just cry, and put the windows down in winter and feel the frosty air on my skin and scream at the top of my lungs, and click on and off my bright lights and just in general get motion flowing back into my brain to get me to calm down.  I don’t know if the cry is good because of the motion of the car, or the space that seems so away from everyone else, or the comfortable seats, or the fact that your in control.  It could be any of these, but car crying….is an art form.  I truly believe if you can master car crying, you have mastered one of the true art forms of this generation.  I mean, we are the car generation a bit after all, with Hybrids and fancy stuff coming out all the time.  Our parents still fear we’re going to look-out point, to make out or get to 3rd base, like they did.  There’s still this stigma of the get-away-car.  There’s still high speed chases on the news.  The car is definitely an important part of the American way of life, as is crying.  I know some people don’t like to admit they cry, but sometimes a good cry is just what I need.  I cry it out, I accept it, and I try (….sometimes managing to move on).
Here’s a list of movies with great drives and cries:

  1. The Notebook (Rachel McAdams, leaving Noah’s house).
  2. A Walk to Remember (Shane West, driving to ask his dad to help Mandy Moore).
  3. Karate Kid (Jackie Chan cries in the car)
  4. Super Troopers (while eating the weed in the car).
  5. Little Black Book (Opening Scene)
  6. Juno (self-explanatory)
  7. What are some movies you know with great car cry scenes?

So, I guess this is a post about more personal things about me.  I’m a sharer, I suppose. Sharing myself with the world of blogging, haven’t done this since high school, but I feel like this is much more educated then, “I went on a date with brad and it was sooooo good, he kissed me in the back of the movie theater and then I giggled about it with the girls and ohmygosh tomorrow we’re all going to the mall….etc.”

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4 responses to “The art of the drive and cry.”

  1. Chris says:

    Leave Brad alone. He got game okay.

  2. martianblur says:

    Great Post, keep it up, a great movie with a great drive cry scene : Elizabeth town, Orlando Bloom cries while driving and talking to his dead’s ashes, great scene..
    when i watch that movie, and feel very upset i actually cry with him, feels good,

    • cassiemannes says:

      I LOVE that scene, you’re so right! How could I forget that?! I really love that movie. I cried to, and I’m sure I do every time I watch it, he’s great in that.

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